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The continents of Fellrock

The Isles of Fellrock are a collection of small continents home to multiple warring factions. The continents get their name from the large meteor storms that first brought explorers and expeditions to the lands in hopes of taking control of the large deposits of the valuable and extremely rare Aetharock that the meteors brought down. The Aetharock is the main cause of the fighting that has been raging on the contients for over a thousand years with each side gaining no real advantage in a drawn out war of attrition and stalemate.


  • The Cathonian Empire: Sporting the most land and highest population, the Cathonians are known to have the biggest land armies of the five factions with their style of warfare being best described as "quantity over quality".
  • The Verunian Supremacy: A proud and arrogant faction descending from the nobles and traders that came to Fellrock, the Verunians have the greatest fleet of all the factions which is both their greatest offensive weapon and the only thing from stopping the other factions steamrolling them with their superior ground forces.
  • The Terrasian Shogunate: A fanatical yet divided faction made up of multiple War Lords who are only held together with a Zealous beleif in a god like figure known as the Shogun. The Terrasians still cling to the ways of magic over technology with the latter being both untrusted and seen as "weak" by the warriors and mages of the Shogunate.
  • The Kingdom of Zephos: Based on the small Island of Zepheria, the Kingdom was ussually very secluded and tended to leave the other factions alone. However as their population grows so do their needs and the disciplined armies of Zephos have began an invasion on several outer islands and colonies of the other factions.
  • The Drakos Alliance: Descending from pirates, outcasts and bandits, the people of the Drakos Alliance would be fighting eachover right now if not for their unified hatred of the Cathonian Empire who wishes to conquer their remaining lands.