Battle Age Wiki is a wiki about an original fantasy universe created by the wikis founder, Dark, though it is now operated by Wolfy112. While we want everyone to have fun, it would be best to read the rules and the guide pages. Also, if you are new to Wikia you should read the how to edit page.

FAQ Edit

A few questions.

Q: What is a wiki?

A: A collaborative resource on a certain topic. For example, Wikipedia is a wiki.

Q: How do I create a page?

A: First you need to be 'approved'. Then, at the top of the page there is a contribute button. Click on it and select 'Create a page'. You can read more here.

Q: What amount of magic is there in the BA universe?

A: Very little. Infact, there are two types of magic. Holy and unholy.

Q: What races are there in BA?

A: Many. But, classic fantasy races such as elves and dwarves don't exist. You can create you own race if you wish.