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As stated in the rules, you must be 'approved' by one or more admins before you can create an RPG or a story.

NOTE:  You don't need to submit one to edit the wiki, though if your grammar/spelling is terrible and if you spam/troll/post stupid comments etc, you will receive a notice to stop.

What is Approval?Edit

We don't want something really crappy with things like "Jo waked too te dor he was ver anry".  Because of that, any new user should submit an approval.  So, what is it?  An approval is a piece of text.  Yup.  That's an approval.  But, in your 'approval' you should explain your page or story in detail (example: This story takes place five years after the fall of Jiy. The main characters are Vilico a dwarve, Sanin a human mystic and Fiir, an assassasin).    You also need to explain your previous writing experience (and if possible link to one of your previous works), and do say if you need help!  For a first article we recommend that you submit some thing small - a character or minor faction would nearly certainly be accepted, where a huge battle or major faction has a lot less chance. TIP:It's also easier to write.

Where do I submit mine?Edit

You should submit your approval in the forum. As said above, it should contain a basic description of your RPG or story and your past experience with writing and Wikia.

If you need further help, contact one of the admins! Have fun at The Battle Age Wiki!

When yours is approved you should receive a message like this:

This user has been approved on the 12/11/2013 by User:The Darkwolf.

NOTICE: This is still under construction, and has been copied from The Online RPG Wiki. Please ask the admins for more help.