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Gods are supernatural beings of the highest order. They derive their power from worship, though all have some level of inherent ability.



Kraag is the god of Justice, though he is often portrayed as god of chaos. This is due to the fact that Kraag is in fact a human child who ascended to godhood by pure accident, and upon learning more about his world, tried to re-mould it in his own image. The other gods, and in extension their priesthoods managed to confine Kraag, though early in the first era, the Sinor and the Vino attempted to free him.


The Daradha is the god of the Sinor, a tribe of warriors that lived in Perdoran. Daradha was formerly a druid of unmatched skill, whom upon his death became ruler of his people.

Yellow'd of HeartEdit

Yellow'd of Heart is one of the most powerful gods in the world. He is unique in the fact that he does not derive his power from worship, instead he uses magic in the same way wizards do, though obviously on a far larger scale. This article is a stub. However, it is not a Central article and may not be edited by anyone outside the owner