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The Salis was a small cult. It is generally believed to be the precursor to the Vino.



The Salis cult was founded by the Sarkifan mage, Abirol Ku'hyir in the 789th year of Aslii. Designed as a sort of 'society club' for mages, it quickly rose in popularity. Abirol enjoyed dabbling in the 'forbidden' arts of magery, such as demonic summoning. Hon Caiv, future leader of the cult joined it in FE 13, due a wager that two members had.

Death of AbirolEdit

After Abirol's death in FE 16, the cult nearly dissolved as many of it's few members abandoned it. However, in FE 17 Hon Caiv replaced Akirol as head mage, and began a massive recruiting campaign. In FE 20 Hon become the leader of the cult, and it prospered during his time as leader. However, this was not too last, and after Hon was sent away by his father the cult vanished.

Later periodEdit

By FE 37, four decades after it's founding, the cult consisted of 5 members, of which only one was actually a mage. However in FE 38 Hon Caiv rejoined the Salis cult, and brought new life into it. During the year and a half period that Hon was a member, the cult grew exponentially, and it became an actual 'cult', as opposed to the mage club that it had been before.

Merging with the VinoEdit

In FE 39 Hon became leader of the Vino and shortly afterwards he merged the two organizations. The Salis members who stayed became high-ranking friends of Hon, and those that left would vanish over the following five years.

Notable MembersEdit