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This page is a timeline of major events in the Battle Age universe. FE stands for 'First Era', SE stands for 'Second Era' and TE stands for 'Third Era'. Note: Please don't add minor events to this timeline.

Early History

FE 30: The Vino cult is founded.

FE 42: Vino cult expands.

FE 117: The great conquest of Naraga begins.

FE 122: General Kuzan Vi'Ja is defeated at Lymph.

FE 143: Caan the Navigator discovers Perdoran.

FE 193 : The Sarkif/Perdoran war breaks out.

FE 196: Sarkif is defeated.

FE 197: End of Sarkif/Perdoran war.

FE 206: The Second Naraga Empire if founded.

FE 219: The Vino cult declares itself an empire.

FE 223: the Dark Sun expands, conquering Jlir.

FE 231: The Imperial War begins.

FE 235: End of the Imperial War.

FE 287: The Dark Sun threatens to attack Naraga